Astrid no longer features sync with Remember The Milk

Remember the Milk was the first online task service with which Astrid ever had the pleasure of synchronizing. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer Astrid’s new premium features to Remember the Milk users without violating their API Terms of Use. We know this is a bummer and we have explored every option we could think of to continue to make RTM available to users of the full featured version of Astrid. Sadly, we are not able to do so. While this is difficult news, we still have some options for those of you who depend on Astrid’s ability to synchronize with an online task management service.

Option 1) Continue to use Remember The Milk with Astrid?

The folks at RTM have graciously permitted us to continue to make Astrid available in a version that doesn’t support or promote paid add-ons. We have therefore build a separate version that disables that add-on capability that is available at: You are also welcome to download the old, and much loved, Astrid 2.14 here. While 2.14 doesn’t support lists, it otherwise synchronizes nicely with RTM.

Option 2) Use the full featured version of Astrid with another sync service.

We currently can offer synchronization with both Google Tasks and Producteev. Google Tasks is really simple and integrates well with Gmail and Google calendar. Producteev has many more features and works especially well for those of you who like to share tasks with family members and colleagues. You can even email tasks to yourself!

Because of Astrid’s popularity a couple of third parties have also begun providing additional synchronization options through Astrid’s APIs . We haven’t been able to try it ourselves but the folks at SyncML offer an application that connects Astrid with Microsoft Outlook. If you try this out let us know what you think.

Sad times… but we can refund you

If you have previously purchase the Power Pack with the expectation you would use it in conjunction with Astrid’s synchronization with RTM, we can refund you the purchase price. Simply fill out this form. You will be missed but we would rather offer a refund than leave you dissatisfied with your purchase.

Feel free to leave your questions or comments here or email us at Your suggestions, feedback and encouragements are always appreciated.


Jon Paris