Blast Off: Power Pack Features Now Free


Today we want to share some exciting news: all Astrid Power Pack features now come standard with Astrid on Android. As of this morning the Power Pack is no longer be for sale, but Astrid Premium continues to be. 

So why are the Power Pack features now standard in Astrid? First, we released the Power Pack at a time when there weren’t easy ways to have a subscription service. Back then, one-time app purchases were the most common way to survive as an app maker. Second, we’ve come to believe that the Power Pack features like scrollable widgets are core to a great experience on Astrid for Android, and our first priority is providing a great experience.

Thank you for all of you who have purchased Power Pack. We would not have been able to get to where we are today without your support, and we hope you’ve been enjoying the great features. For those of you who love Astrid but aren’t ready to upgrade to Astrid Premium, tell your friends about Astrid on Facebook and Twitter.