Siri Integration: It’s Here!

We previously shared a workaround for making Astrid work with Siri — today we are proud to announce a full Siri integration. It’s kind of magical: Tell Siri to remind you of something, and Astrid will automatically add a task for you. Here’s how to enable the Siri and Reminders App […]

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Public Checklists

Do you fancy yourself an awesome list maker? Perhaps you’ve created a great workout routine, a list of recipes, or a step-by-step method for preparing those pesky TPS reports (you wouldn’t want to forget that cover sheet).  Wondering how your friends, family or co-workers can benefit?   If you’ve been making Checklists (formerly […]

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iOS 6 Astrid Crashing

If you updated Astrid yesterday and updated to iOS 6 Astrid may crash on you. We submitted an update to Apple App Review, and it should be updated shortly. Trust us, we’ll notify the world when it goes through. Until then, this should help: Change your restrictions for Contacts: Settings → General → Privacy → Contacts […]

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Sync with doesn’t work?

No matter what I try, sync with doesn’t seem to work.  What can I do? On Android, this might occur due to a bad login token (something went wrong when signing in on the device). This can usually be corrected by simply logging out, then logging back in: Accounts […]

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The Trouble with Time Zones

I update the due time on my phone, but the time shows up an hour later/earlier on the web. What’s up? Time zones are a tricky thing. Where Astrid is concerned, there are three locations in which time zone settings might be playing tricks with your tasks. Computer settings – […]

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iPad app is here: introducing Astrid 2.0 for iOS

We’re excited to announce Astrid 2.0 for iOS, which includes some really exciting things we’ve been working on and testing internally! iPad app Ours users have been asking for an iPad app. But we didn’t want to just deliver a blown up version of our iPhone app. We designed the […]

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Key words for creating tasks

There are some key words you can automatically use to add dates, repeat intervals, priority, and lists when creating tasks. These can also be used in the subject line when emailing tasks to Date (case insensitive) Relative today tomorrow Absolute, using either use the first 3 letters or the whole […]

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