Create a list that auto-assigns to someone

Maybe you work with an assistant or manage a team, so you would like to create a list that automatically assigns tasks to others whenever you add items. We’ve implemented a method for Astrid Premium users to more easily delegate and organize for their teams.  Here’s how you do it.

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Getting your team on Premium

We’ve been getting requests for ordering Astrid Premium for a whole team. The Premium account page has been updated to make this a simple process. Once people are on your team, their names will autofill whenever you start typing in the Who field of tasks for frictionless teamwork.

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Videos to help you get the most out of Astrid Premium

Astrid Premium is great for those who want to take their organizing to the next level.  Here are some video guides to help you get the most out of Astrid Premium. We’ll keep adding to this post as we create more videos. Astrid Premium Overview Folders Progress Charts Multi-select and […]

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new web features

Add to calendar and other new web features

We’ve been talking to our users about how Astrid can be a better part of their workflow, whether using Astrid personally or with a group. Today we’re happy to share three new features on that can help you be more productive.

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A task immediately opens when I log in to the website.

When I log in to the website, a task immediately loads in a pop-up.  What’s going on? This typically occurs if a user has accidentally created their browser’s Astrid bookmark while viewing a task or list. Check your Favorites/Bookmarks to make sure that the Astrid shortcut links to (and […]

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