How I became a morning person

For the past 2 years, I’ve been keeping an entrepreneur’s schedule that includes going to bed late at night and waking up in the late morning. I was convinced working late at night made me the most productive – no emails or news articles to check, very few people in […]

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Automate your inbox with email variants

Keeping your inbox manageable is a daily effort, but you can make organizing easier by automating your inbox with email variants. In short, sign up for accounts or mailing lists using different versions of your email address so you can filter emails into appropriate folders.

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Get a clean inbox in 30 minutes

We’ve talked about how to keep your inbox empty on a daily basis, but many of us have so many emails backed up that the first order of business is getting the inbox to a manageable state. Here are some immediately actionable steps to reduce email clutter and automate your […]

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4 steps to supercharge your mornings

When I was in grade school, I noticed that packing my school bag in the morning was always more slow and agonizing than doing the same at night. So I started organizing my homework and supplies before I went to bed — which no doubt contributed to my stellar academic […]

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How to keep your inbox empty with Astrid

Last week we asked our users how they manage their emails and heard some interesting strategies. Using Astrid, I’ve been able to keep my inbox empty for the last few months. I want to share with you how to do the same. First, none of these ideas are new. I […]

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